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May 2018 Meeting Notice

Dan Yeaw will be talking about BeeWare at the May 2018 meeting, which will be held on Thursday, May 3 at 7pm at Washtenaw Community College, in Room BE 250.



Google is open sourcing a “deep learning” neural net framework that has a Python binding.

It includes some UI features. Here is a link to a page showing how to visualize Mandelbrot.



meeting on Oct-3


PyLadies Happy Hour!

Friday, Oct 3, 2014, 5:00 PM

Frita Batidos
117 West Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI

6 Pythonistas Attending

pyLadiesHappyHour = (Cocktails or Beer) and techTalk and PyLadiesLet’s kick back with a happy hour. This should be an awesome chance to hang out and mingle.We have extended an invitation to Girl Develop It Ann Arbor as well – so there should be plenty of opportunities to meet new ladies.Hope to see you there!

Check out this Meetup →

Python wx Image ==> BitMap ==> DC


A platform-independent image class. An image can be created from data, or using wx.Bitmap.ConvertToImage, or loaded from a file in a variety of formats. Functions are available to set and get image bits, so it can be used for basic image manipulation.

A wx.Image cannot be drawn directly to a wx.DC. Instead, a platform-specific wx.Bitmap object must be created from it using the wx.BitmapFromImage constructor. This bitmap can then be drawn in a device context, using wx.DC.DrawBitmap.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I assume we will continue to work on the Function Viewer project with Mandelbrot viewing as an example in mind.

MichiPUG on github.

I’ve created a MichPUG organization on github.

It includes a github repository for the function viewer.
The repository includes a description with a problem description. All MichPUG attendees should feel free to add files to the repository.

For completeness, I also deposited the code from the GameOfLife we did some time ago in another repository.

Suggested Future Topics – Feel Free to Add

The following is a list of potential future topics that have been collected over time. Feel free to suggest topics (Post a comment) and we will add to this page.

Automating System Administration with Python – Scheduled for May.
– Puppet (Mike)
– Fabric (Tom)

Mechanize – Mock Browser for Testing / Screen-scraping / Testing

Packaging (organizing the codebase in large systems) – Note: a bunch of PEP`s are in progress)

Tool-Chain for Sandboxing: easy_install, Set-up Tools, VirtualM.

Pragmatic Unicode, or How Do I Stop the Pain?
– See also: PyCon 2012.




Project Euler

PIL – Python Image Library

Python IDE / Editors – Did this in February 2013 – But can do again.
– Wing
– Eclipse
– VI
– PyCharm